maandag 28 april 2008
Nike Dunk Japanese City Pack

Its been a long time since i posted sum'thin up ! ,, The girl shoe, has been takin things over but i'm back now ! .. As usual i was browsing the web, until my eyes caught these ;


Nike Osaka Dunk (Doutonbori)

Nike Nagoya Dunk (Golden Dolphin)

Nike Tokyo Dunk (Giant Panda)

This Pack from Nike which includes the Osaka Dunk, Fukuoaka Dunk, Nagoya Dunk, and Tokyo Dunk, each representing a landmark feature of the Japanese city they're named after. In terms of color, all the shoes are definitely on the bright and flashy side with the exception of Tokyo Dunk, simply black and white. However, the Tokyo Dunk stands out with its black leather and white fur, inspired by a giant panda. The Osaka Dunk, with red/white stripes and blue linings, represents the food of Osaka and its icon, a drumming doll.

With meaningful and eye-catching designs, the shoes make up for a great release for all the Dunk fans out there.