zaterdag 1 maart 2008
Everyday Im hustlin!
Only Watchh
Afterr you watched the videoo below..
Pimp Chronicles pt.2

watch the whole show here:


This shit right heeerree nukkah, made me laugh all morning !?
Straight up pissin my pants ! aint got nthing to do thats why !
I hope yall nukkahz will be having a fine Saturday !
Stay fresh nd enjoy life ! LEAVE A COMMENT
donderdag 28 februari 2008

All I want for ... EASTER .. is ,
(sooner than christmas right,lol)
this hangin on my neck!

Ape Skate

This Dude's Collection is sick ! .. Fo Real, he's got some mad Adidas !


Converse's (RED) Eye
Converse kicks off it’s 100th anniversary with 1HUND(RED), a special artist series with proceeds going to the Global Fund..

1HUND(RED) is a year-long release of shoes designed by notable artists, including icon Hiroshi Fujiwara. Proceeds go to fight AIDS in Africa through (PRODUCT) RED, so you can feel good about looking fresh.



woensdag 27 februari 2008
Toy Story
I went shopping with 'TheCool' today ! ,, nd made an intresting purchase ! I bought a trexi DIY toy ! These things are so SIMPLE but dope ! .. the whole point of the all white figure's is for you to colorize and customize them yourself. these things are like real dope and i'm just having plain fun with them ! i'm starting to get into this whole toy game fo real ! anyway ,, check out the pics !

OMG Mikey, you just killed Lisa Simpson

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Hana Zuki
For all the peeps livin' in Amsterdam, Hana Zuki is a boutique your eyes must have dropped on !
If they haven't , you're running backwards or sum sh%t like that. Hana Zuki is a boutique located at the Vijzelstraat in A'dam, they sell toys, exclusive t-shirts, camera's, nd a whole lot more.

You can also visit Hana Zuki on their website ;

You just have to visit the shop yourself to experience the creative vibe thats hangin there !
So visit Hana Zuki at the 'Vijzelstraat 87' nd stay fly or die !

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dinsdag 26 februari 2008
Damn Sick Sneakers!

WHOAH, i'm in Shock of it:|
i think, i'm in love with them!
i like the colorcombination of it'
and they are, madsick ! , if you
dont like them , u got NO style dude!
keep' buying sneakers! ...
holla@yahost : Lo.TheCool -_-" 
bringin 1988 back to ya'll!
sumtin else
[i had to do thiss!]
Where there is cheese there are rats,
Where there are rats there are cats,
Where ever there are cats there are dogs.
If you got the dogs you got bitches.
Bitches Always out to put their paws on your riches.
If you got riches,you got glitches.
If you got glitches in your life computer turn it off and then reboota.
Now you back on.
Can't just put the cap on the old bottle once you pop it that will spoil it,
gone and drink it and enjoy it.
Mama i'ma Millionaire.
This lyrics showws that Andre 3000 has mad skilzz!
its a 2006 song or sumtin, but i woke up hearin this song, so i listened clearly to it.
And damnn. I thoughtt: Let's give it sum credits!

maandag 25 februari 2008



Rocksmith T's

this, shit is so sick .. i gonna rock this t-'s this summer, 
with the boy s.kmph, Rocksmith, gonna take over .. 
this product is , so fuckin' hot .. i dont know whut
i must to say about this clothing-line .. i like everything
of it' ROCKSMITH rulez fo-sho(i'mgonnarock'it) ,,
KEEP IN TOUCH pz.  -_-" Lo.TheCool!
The Cool Kids Dressed So 88'
The Cool Kids : Fresh Dressed Like A Million Buck$
that, STYLE is. so freshDope, god bless that shit up!
they give me really Inspiration, no mather whut
they dress, its always Fly-Fresh-Cool!
i'm addicted to that guys (no homo) ..

Shoes On Deck !
I was hittin' up ,, Yall digg ! Fly nukkaahzz Be On That Shit Right There ! ,, Nd'my nukkaah ' CallMe4AGoodTimeMalesOnly ' made a post ! hahaha ,, this shits funny ! Nd Shoutout to my nigga 'TMANIAC ' ; this man giving me props so i had to place a shoutout to the nigga. 'TMANIAC ' ; stay fly or die !


Air Jordan Force 5


''Oohh Snapppalicious''
I still Cant believe this one is a real fusion. ITS SICKKK
And i think this one is comin in winter 2008 or sumthin
But i'll be the first one the copp it!
[thanks to]
'startrack' shoerell
'All Star' Jordan XX3 Fusion

Sneakerheads caught a glimpse of 2 pairs of custom Air Jordans at Dez's Art Show in Houston. Dez hooked up with another Houston sneaker artist 'Adric Kennedy' of AK KUSTOMS.

There has gone allot of work into these Air Force Ones with glossy paint on the sidewall and swoosh to relate to the glossy plastic on the Jordan XX3.


zondag 24 februari 2008
I Thought I Should Drop Some Light On
Sneaker Customizer ST!ZO, Let His Work
Tell You What Is Magically Going On ! ...

[ link ;!ZO/ ]


YO! MTV Raps x Puma First Round
Who doesn't remember YO! MTV Raps ? real People Do ! Puma made a special YO! MTV Raps x Puma First Round sneaker. Many say Puma is finally on a roll ; with their Fresh prince sneaker also coming out this spring and many sneakerheads lookin out for it. Also be on the lookout for these. They drop this spring/ in the summer for NL in limited quantities. contact your local sneakerstore for more info. [ source ; ]

s . k m p h


Whatzz crackin !?
Ay whatzz crackin? Koolkidshoerell in the "blog"!
("switch to dutch: SAM JE BLOGG IS TOFFFFFF!!!!")
aight switch it back..
But Since y'all postin neww ish, i gotsta post this main. A BATHING APE X SPONGE BOB X BABY BILO PLUSH. Recognize! That shit is crazyy!
but anywayy hold ur eyez open.
imma be back like cooked crack. ya diggg

[ ps ; Gurrl you got me bustin in on yo message !
maareeuhmm ; tis ONZE blog ! STAARTREEKIN' On Dem Nukaahz ]


SneakersBR starts at 2005 december as a personal blog and was upgraded last march to the first brazilian site about sneaker culture. The brazilian scene was pretty shy but has showed us many potential with recents exclusives launchings like the NIKE DUNK SB BRAZILIAN CUSTOM SERIES last year, the first brazilian sneaker culture event - called SneakersBR live!* - hosted by SneakersBR and Nike Brazil last april the 16th (with some history sneakers from Nike in expo) and local initiatives like the 1st commemorations for 25 years Air Force 1, with 10 street artists from Brazil making your own AF 1 graffiti custom*, and finally the first brazillian sneakers magazine called Sneaker Trip.

[ visit ; ]

24 Karat Gold Custom Made Shoes
Real Sneakuh headz know Sole Brother !
he Makes the hottest custom sneakers ! ..
i Dont even have to say more ! Enjoy !

These were a gift from a husband to his wife .. all the
details are made of real 24 karat gold !
with her name on one side of teh shoe .. what a GIFT !
Daayuummnn ...

s . k m p h
Giraffe Dunk Premiums
I saw this browsing the web, nd i really think this dude did an amazing job !
.. customizing the whole sneaker nd giving it a whole new feel !
daayuumm now thats major !

[ before ]

[ after ]

See i give mad props to the dude .. nd YES .. Those
are GOLD LACES ! hahaha .. stay fly or die !

x- s. k m p h