zaterdag 23 februari 2008
Morning Vans !

rockin the checkerboard vans in the mornin' bout to leave the house !
Prisonbreakin'on yaal nukkaahzz .. gone get my tickets for the
COOL KIDS ; March 5th .. @ Paradiso ! .. Yall Know What It Iz !

Stay Fly Or Die ! - s . k m p h
RECAP : '07
Winter In Germany

Summer in Morocco

I wanted to post a whole lot more pictures but i'm real lazy in the morning =D ,, and these two periods are the ones that stuck with me the most ! Nd the rest of my year was MAD BORING ! but 08'is bout to be a hella Great YEAR !

vrijdag 22 februari 2008
DAAYUUMMNN ,, Its 21:59 and i'm strugglin with my mouse ! And the boy LO' is laughin about it ! .. Zieke Guy ! .. Vrijdagavond Nd Shit ! Nutteloos Piccas Schieten ,, Viben op me t-pain ! ,, Msn-en .. Psp staat aan ! Camera is zomaaar aan het flitsen ! En ik ben weer in die nurd FASE !
SIPPIN ON THE RED JUICE ! ,, Spa rood dus ! Stay Healthy, get money stay whealthy !

owhja nd de boy was aaaan het surfen op intrnet en shit ! .. Dikke waves aan het pakken kwam ik dit tegen [ GET READY FOR THE FRESH PRINCE ! ] ;

Fo Real Tho ! ,, Alleen die watch en die pattas spreken me aan ! .. SNAP never waar die tas op slaat ! .. But Anyway ! .. Ik Ga weer waves pakken ! .. Keep an eye open for 'the cool '!

x s . k m p h ' bringin 88' back '
Bring 88' Back
yes it's ya boy, Lo.TheCool, i'm totally flossed out'
i'm stay fly, with whatever .. livin' good , upcoming
fashion-designer/clothesFreak .. keep doing' that shit
=), Inspirated by : The Cool Kids, Ice Cream Team !
Rolling with , sam(fly kid) . and lenn (flyamazing)
livin' in the Future, blow da airout my nike's .. 
rockin' fly clothes, always intressed to Clothes !

keep it' fly - lo.thecool d[0_0]b x,
We love fashion; i live and breathe it daily. We're not the ones who believe that having on designer labels from head to toe makes you an icon. That's not style! Style is being able to mix and match pieces from different collections allowing them to complement each other creating your own personal look. And being a fresh kid means being yourself and other people beng able to see hat in you ! .. being the best you can be ! love live life.

- s . k m p h