maandag 10 maart 2008
Supra has moved into a new category, one which they have virtually rule themselves – smart casual meets after dinner sports with a dash of bondage, or something like that. Here’s a bevy of their new models, mids and hitops in straight up black and white with varied leather textures and more buckles than a Wrestlemania convention. If that’s not risque enough, peep the gold skytops in 24kt gold! Only 120 pairs of these are bound for OZ and should be out in time for the weekend. Supra has a loyal following amongst dress up kids, and from the tight looks of these new models, they’re right on the money. Nice to see a brand forge its own path rather than incessantly look to others for their inspiration.

Available in select stores and from Carhartt at Melbourne Central.
+61 3 9639 6870 /

Anonymous Anoniem said...
Supra's 4 LIFE