woensdag 26 maart 2008
I Know y'all know The First Lady of Lil' Wayne's YOUNG MONEY ENTERTAINMENT.
Giving you this official Young Money Ent / Dirty Money collaboration, Nicki and Wayne give you four exclusive tracks together + more than a dozen new exclusives from the next girl in hip-hop. Even featuring an appearance from Lil' Kim herself, Ms. Minaj is ready for that big sh!t in 2008 and beyond

1. President Carter Speaks
2. Set It Off 3. Brraaattt feat. Ransom 4. Higher Than A Kite feat. Lil' Wayne 5. Grindin 6. Curious George 7. Sucka Free '08 feat. Lil' Wayne 8. Baddest Bitch 9. Wanna Minaj? feat. Lil' Kim & Gucci Mane 10. Doin It Well feat. Jadakiss 11. Cuchi Shop 12. Hundred Million Dollaz feat. Lil' Wayne 13. Young Money Ballaz feat. Lil' Wayne 14. Sweetest Girl 15. Firm Biz 08 feat. Jadakiss 16. Dead Wrong 17. Long Time Comin' feat. Ransom 18. WOMP WOMP 19. Who's Ya BEST MC? 20. President Carter Signs Off